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I have been a full time professional working comedian for 45 years and have not had a day job since 1974. I have entertained people in almost every conceivable venue, and event possible. And if I have learned nothing else, I have learned that everyone likes to laugh, since it DOES make you feel good. Every age group has their own different outlook on life. For that reason, my shows are all about the audience in attendance.

My performance is very non-offensive. No religion, sex, or politics is ever mentioned. I create material especially for that event, before and DURING the event, as well as bringing in my own established material into play to keep the audience enthused, laughing, involved, and motivated. My material includes true life stories, my personal views on life and getting older, characters, jokes, music, dance, video, and lots of audience interaction. "Okay, who has a birthday this month? Who's from out of town? Who's celebrating? Where are the Vets?" The audience is the star of the show. I will have them talking to me and each other, as well as laughing, singing, and maybe dancing.

My shows are designed for all ages with special attention to the "Shut-ins", i.e. Seniors and Convalescents.


I also have more interactive shows for Businesses, Elks, Moose, Eagles, Lions, Masonics, American Legions, Knights of Columbus, Veterans, Unions, Fraternal Organizations, apartment complexes, schools, colleges, foster homes, Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Anonymous Groups, Concerts, private parties, Celebrations, or any group of people that like to laugh.

My Mission

My goal is to bring Laughter and Joy to as many people as possible.

I want to make everyone in the world laugh at least once. I already have over 2 million laughing.
Join in now.


Contact Information

I can be reached by email anytime, anywhere, and will respond within 24 hours.

Please EMAIL me your needs (when, where, approximate # of attendees, ages. etc.) and the best time to reach you LIVE on the phone.
With all the variables in this line of work, voice interaction between you and I is very important for proper coordination and accuracy.


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Contact me at, with questions, or comments about my life, appearances, services,
this web site, or anything you think is important.
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