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A Student's Reference


To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Perry Kurtz as I feel that he deserves to be acknowledged for his outstanding efforts while conducting his class on Stand Up Comedy.
I feel qualified to write this letter of recommendation as for the last 33 years I served with the Department of Defense as a Recruiter, and as a Training Coordinator and Instructor. 

I was very involved with instructors from Colleges, Commercial Institutions and Military Schools. I observed instructor performance and made follow-up checks to determine if the Return on Investment for students was sufficient to warrant continued usage of the school and/or instructors involved.  

Mr. Kurtz is an accomplished Stand-Up comedian and as a consummate professional is able to impart to his students the skills and knowledge which is so important to be able to grow and progress in this area. Perry does this by giving general directions to the class as a whole, and then by giving freedom of expression to each student, and then providing a detailed critique to each student which is necessary for individual growth. Perry also involves the students in research, and engages our thought process in a study of other comedians, and their effect on our styles etc.  

For the return on investment, Perry arranged for us to do a stand up comedy routine in a local club, which was a wonderful way to see how we had developed.  

If I were in a position to hire an instructor, or a comedian, I would not hesitate to give Mr. Kurtz a position of importance. Perry makes learning fun.


Mary S Caudill
Torrance, Ca




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